Estate d’Iacobelli currently offers Viognier, Late Harvest Viognier, Sangiovese, 2 “Super Tuscan” Red Blends, and Cabernet Sauvignon.  The vineyards are located off of the De Portola Wine Trail where owners, Ron and Lisa Iacobelli, planted in 1998.  The wines here are truly reflective of their love and passion for good wine, family, and their Italian heritage and culture.

2011 Estate d’Iacobelli Viognier -$32-

Crisp, clean, and a bit on the dry side, this Viognier has unique candied grapefruit and 
summer honeysuckle blossoms on the nose and palate.  It would pair well with spicy Thai
cuisine, a light Italian pasta salad, or a simple antipasto/fruit platter.

2011 Estate d’Iacobelli “Sticky Fingers” Late Harvest Viognier- $26-

The texture is full-bodied liquid silk from start to finish,with sticky-sweet notes and flavors
of honey and dried peaches.  This charming dessert wine has a story: “Our first attempt to
make wine in our garage in Michigan was a disaster.  My immigrant mother Anna Maria,
coming from a long line of winemakers in the central mountains of Italy, predicted “Da vino
no comma good,” because our fingers were not sticking together.  There was not enough
residual sugar to do so.  Since then we’ve learned through much trial and error and have at
last created this silky Late Harvest Viognier, which sticks to your fingers and excites your
tongue!”  Pair with spicy/sweet Thai cuisine or sweet tea cakes, pies, or fruit tarts.

2010 Estate d’ Iacobelli Sangiovese - $36-

Bold berry and intense plum flavors lead into a balanced and wonderfully smooth finish.
This seemed to be the tasting room favorite during my visit.  It would pair great with
anything BBQ, red-sauced Italian dishes, and dark chocolate.

2009 Estate d’Iacobelli Rodolfo Red Blend - $30-

This blend of 50% Mourvedre, 35% Cabernet Sauvignon, 15% Sangiovese is a bold, spicy
Italian red blend that I absolutely adore in every way.  “We have patiently crafted our Super
Tuscan-style Rodolfo Red to offer initial plum tones, followed by a hint of fennel on the
nose. This blend delicately balances earthy complexity with a touch of spice. Our big, bold
classic Italian “wine drama” presents a lingering finish, lasting as long as it takes to slowly
simmer our family’s Sugo d Salsiccia (spaghetti sauce). This fiery red blend reflects the
​boldness and tenacity of our Italian immigrant patriarch, Rodolfo – a true Super Tuscan!” 
​Pair with everything in the world of Italia: antipasto, hot and cold pasta dishes, cannolis and

2010 Estate d’Iacobelli Rodolfo Red Blend -$28-

Though just a year younger in vintage, this red blend can sure hold it’s own to big brother. Greetings of plum, spice, and earth on the nose and palate lead into a powerful “wow” mouth feel, then ease nicely into a smooth, balanced and lasting finish.  I would pair this with a hearty beef stew, smoked salmon, aged sharp and bleu cheeses, or flourless chocolate cake.

2010 Estate d’Iacobelli Cabernet Sauvignon- $38-

This is the Iacobelli’s favorite varietal and I think it defines this charming and delightful family perfectly.  It is full-bodied with dark fruit and berry flavors, with hints of black pepper in the finish.  Pair with a seat next to the Iacobelli Estate pool with the mountain views, singing birds, and fresh air.  Salute!

​“La mia casa e la tua casa”.  Estate d’Iacobelli tasting room is open Thursday-Sunday 11am-6pm.  For more information about their premium wines, vineyard estate rentals, or for details on private events please visit the website or contact them directly at (760)723.0616.

 Hidden above the southern fairway of Pala Mesa Resort lies a gorgeous hilltop vineyard estate with some of the finest Italian wines coming out of Southern California.

Estate d’Iacobelli is a traditional Mediterranean estate and tasting room, glorified by the surrounding vineyard, citrus groves, and rolling hills.  Visitors to the Estate tasting room can expect well done, small-batch Italian varietals, live music, and an occasional Italian Opera by tasting room manager, and vocal extraordinaire Sascha La Russo.  The 15 acre, 4-bedroom Estate can be rented for private events or as a lavish getaway for a few days.  Cathedral ceilings, a rustic stone fireplace, gourmet kitchen, 2 miles of scenic walking trails, and French doors opening to a gorgeous pool area with panoramic views, are among a few of the perks for overnight guests.


Italian Wine Culture lives in Southern California

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